Clearwater River Fishing Trips

An Incredible Fishing Experience For Anglers Of All Levels

At Idaho Premier Anglers, we are recreational anglers that have invested in an opportunity to share our passion for fishing with others. We have partnered with quality guides, assuring our guests an amazing and memorable fishing experience. With us, you’ll target incredible Steelhead and Salmon on the Clearwater River with the beautiful Northern Idaho scenery as your backdrop.

The Amazing Journey of the Clearwater River Steelhead

From the spawning beds of the Clearwater River tributaries where they hatch, juvenile Steelhead (smolt) travel hundreds of miles to the ocean. They endure multiple challenges along the way, including avoiding predators and navigating numerous dams. These anadromous fish (capable of living in both freshwater and saltwater) spend two to three years in the ocean preparing for their return. Once mature, they revert back to freshwater and begin the journey home. They migrate back to the location where they hatched, overcoming all the obstacles along the way. When the 500+ mile journey is complete, they spawn the next generation before expiring. The Idaho State record Steelhead was 30.13-lbs and 44-inches long, caught in 1973.

Guided Steelhead & Salmon Fishing on the Famed Clearwater River

We offer everything you need for a Clearwater River fishing trip of a lifetime. We provide expert guides, custom planning, top-of-the-line boats, and all of the required gear. Whether you are an experienced angler or just starting out, we will provide you with personalized instruction and knowledge of this beautiful region of Idaho.

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